Our Team
Dr. Shridhar Chiplunkar M.D., D.P.T., B.M.Tech., F.S.S.(Sports Medicine)

Anatomy of human body always fascinated Dr Shridhar. He had a firm belief that invasive treatments being deployed by most in the industry were being used in cases where it was hardly required. Therefore, Doctor developed his own style of treatment through educating the patients so that they can heal themselves. Being empathetic to the patients' pain, understanding the structural, mechanical and chemical workings of the body and wanting do find a lasting solution to patients' problems are the tenets Dr. Shridhar has built his professional practice on.

Proactive team and infrastructure

We are a team of about 4 M.D. doctors, 3 graduate doctors and we are continuously looking to both, improve the quality and knowledge of this team and increase the size of our team to serve the patients. We also have the best in category digital x-ray system, pathology laboratory, and a chemist shop exclusively set up for the Proactive patients. Proactive has always believed in power of data. We have state of the art system of patient history cataloguing through personalized bar coded patient cards.